Parents & Friends Association

Parents & Friends Association

St Joseph’s Primary School Peak Hill is fortunate to have an enthusiastic and active group of Parent and Friend Volunteers who give their time to support new and continuing families of the school. The P& F association co-ordinate numerous fundraising events to support the future growth of our school.

One of the most important ingredients of an effective school is the positive input of parents. We know that finding the time to get involved in school activities is not always easy.  The main thing to remember is that every little bit helps. Even if you only have the time to attend an occasional P&F meeting or P&F-run event, your involvement is important and greatly appreciated. The small contributions of many parents add up and help us to achieve some really worthwhile benefits for our children and our school.

The main objectives of the Parents and Friends Association are:

  • to stimulate an active interest in the life of the school.
  • to foster a spirit of positive fellowship amongst parents, staff and friends of the school.
  • to promote a spirit of genuine cooperation between parents, staff and students of the school,
  • to provide financial assistance for the development of the school’s facilities and teaching resources.
  • to provide a pathway for parents to be involved in supporting the school.

The Association plays a significant role in building the community spirit of the school. The events and functions provide an opportunity for parents and staff to gather together in a spirit of fun and fellowship.

St Joseph’s P & F aim is to bring together the parents and friends of St Joseph’s School and to assist the school financially, materially, spiritually and practically. Our main purpose is to provide a forum to build relationships and a sense of community throughout the school and to raise funds to aid the school in purchasing equipment for a large range of educational and extra-curricular activities.

The P&F Association is an active and welcoming group where parents and friends can be involved in our school, meet with other parents and help raise money for extras that assist our children.

The P&F meets to discuss events, plan fundraisers to assist the School, Staff and students. Some of their fundraising events include BBQs at school and other community events, fetes, garage sales, and raffles. All the fundraising goes towards projects that will help make an improvement to our school and, therefore, benefit everyone in our school community.

We are more than happy when new families want to become involved in our P&F; you will always receive a very warm welcome. The P & F will inform our families of meetings and upcoming events in our school newsletter and on the school facebook page.

As parents of current students, you automatically become members of our Association that provides our school community with practical assistance and financial resources. Our successful efforts rely completely on the participation and involvement of parent volunteers and we encourage you to join us through one or more of the many active groups.

Your involvement will be rewarding and can lead to life-long friendships with other families. We look forward to meeting you at our upcoming P&F meetings.

If you have any questions, please contact the P & F association through the school office or our email at

We look forward to meeting all our family and friends of St Joseph’s Primary School Peak Hill.